Imaging and Copy Services


There is more to scanning your paper archives than just running pages through a scanner. At Dupli-Group we take pride in our partnership with you and handle your projects as our own, making sure the digital conversion of your files leaves you with a clean, high-resolution, and well organized data set. The benefits of using our service:

  • High resolution scans in color or black & white
  • Image Correction including Deskew, Despeckle, and Straightening/Rotation
  • Your documents converted to electronic PDF format and all content made fully searchable
  • Accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts document scans back into editable and searchable text
  • File compatibility with most popular litigation and document management software systems such as Concordance, Relativity, and Summation
  • Document Tracking with Bates numbering or other branding

Copying and Repro

Dupli-Group’s copy and reprographics capabilities allow you to duplicate existing documents or convert electronic files into physical copies.  Avoid overwhelming your office copier by utilizing Dupli-Group for:

  • Black & white or color blowbacks
  • Litigation copying and duplication
  • Duplication and distribution of files on CD, DVD, or other portable Media
  • Print enlargements for exhibit purposes
  • Print, Collation, and Binding of document sets